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Colin Potter 'I couldn't agree' Vinyl

Colin Potter 'I couldn't agree' Vinyl

WARNING - THIS RECORDING CONTAINS "SINGING" (allegedly)  ***COPIES FROM ICR ARE SIGNED & NUMBERED*** Two tracks originally self-released in 1981: abrasive post-punk-come-proto-industrial, with vocals, guitar, programmed drums and synths (it says here.....) REVIEW FROM BOOMKAT "**Hand-stamped and numbered edition of 500** This is fxcking incredible - the first ever vinyl issue of two cracking post-punk/wave bullets by Nurse With Wound's Colin Potter, taken from a sought-after tape compilation ('We Couldn't Agree On A Title') originally released on ICR in 1981 and recently remastered at D&M. Honestly, unless you're a total NWW head or spend half your life on discogs, you've probably never heard Colin Potter sound as pop savvy and dance ready as he does here. A-side 'Behind You' clatters along with live and programmed drums, searing synth-pop hooks, minimal guitar work and psycho-babble lyrics all played by Potter himself - think Hot Letherette played by Devo wearing tight, itchy pants and you're in sniffing distance. B-side 'We Are So Glad' is another zinger, chopping out taut, stepping drums, guitars and synths with some killer vocal processing to sound like some strange, long-lost Joy Division demo."

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