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Elodie  'La Porte Ouverte'  LP

Elodie 'La Porte Ouverte' LP

La Porte Ouverte was recorded by Timo van Luijk, Andrew Chalk and Tom James Scott
and was cut by Noel Summerville at 33/45 in London
Available in a standard only edition and cut at 45 RPM for higher fidelity.
350 copies pressed.
Sleeve is printed in reverse board with poly-lined inner sleeve.
Any orders are always shipped vinyl out of main sleeve to prevent seam ripping.
'An open door...
an exit... an entrance...
a new horizon
we never know where we are...
as long as the door remains open
there will be light...
Review From Vital Weekly : With this album Andrew Chalk and Timo van Luyk publish their most recent ‘page’ in what is
perhaps more a musical diary of the friendship between these musicians than ‘another record
release’. Elodie’s music is truly ‘under the radar’ music – in the best sense of the word: I have
several Elodie albums, but I was surprised to learn this is their tenth (!) album since their debut
'Echos Pastoraux' in 2011. On this album, Chalk and Van Luyk collaborate with composer/producer
Tom James Scott, who also runs the Skire label and who has collaborated with Chalk on previous
albums like 'Calluna' and 'Wild Flowers' (both highly recommended). Another surprise is that this
album plays at 45 rpm! If you hadn’t checked the labels, you probably would never have guessed
and you would have ended up played the album - to full satisfaction incidentally - at standard LP
speed. And I can sympathize: 'Sad Mac Studies', a Stephan Matthieu album on En/Of records, that
plays at 45 rpm, which I only found out after I’d been listening to it (and loving it) for years at 33
rpm. On 'La Porte Ouverte' James Scott’s tinkling piano melodies in the high registers form the
basis to many of the songs. Maybe Chalk and Van Luyk are playing the ivories as well, but as this
album comes without any press release info (hooray!), I am not entirely sure. Sparse guitar lines,
bells and gongs are added to create an ambient atmosphere, dreamlike and melancholy. Even
though the album has track separation and feature various titles for the songs, I prefer to listen
to this as a single composition that fills my room with peace and calm – something we can surely
use in this day and age. Elodie have created another beautiful album, both in composition, as
playing, production as presentation. Only 300 of these are available and advertised sparsely. Get
one now before 'La Porte Ouverte' is closed and this gorgeous album disappears from another
radar. (FK)

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