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IC Studio is the facility owned & run by Colin Potter. It began as a 4-track analogue set-up in Sutton-on-the-Forest near York in 1981. After a few years it relocated to nearby Tollerton, upgrading to 8-track. After a few more years a 16-track tape machine was added, followed by 16-track ADAT digital. A move to the (in)famous Water Tower in Preston in the late 90's saw a changeover to a 24-track digital hard disc system, followed by the inevitable migration to using a computer for pretty much everything.

to cut a long story short, personal circumstances lead to a move to London & various temporary locations, finally arriving at it's current location in Leytonstone, London, E11, in a sound-proofed building at the bottom of the garden, where installation work is almost finished. It is intended to reconnect all of the equpipment that has been accumulated over many years (analogue & digital effects & processors, strange noise making devices & analogue & digital synthesisers) so that everything is relatively easily available. Although the computer will still continue to be the prime recording & editing device, it will be possible to perform 'live' mixes, via 16 output channels from the computer into the Soundcraft Ghost 32-channel desk using as much of the external equipment as is required. Needless to say, to put all of this together is quite a task & will take some time. In the meantime the studio is available for recording & mixing using the computer, so please contact if you're interested in using the facilty.

A detailed equipment list will follow will be very long.........!