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entering again


Colin Potter 

A vinyl re-issue of instrumental tracks from cassette releases from the early 80s. Re-mastered, with unreleased material. Beautiful silk-screened cover.


not so easy listening


Darren Tate

An edition of only 30 copies of a framed, signed and numbered print with a CDR.
Not many copies left




Trevor Wishart "Red Bird / Anticredos & Voiceprints"

ICR is proud to announce the re-release of a double CD of 2 seminal works of UK electroacoustic music by Trevor Wishart. For a limited period the album will be shipped with a free copy of Trevor’s 2007 CD ‘Fabulous Paris’.
That’s 3 CDs for under £12!!!


Nurse With Wound "Parade"

We have a small number of copies of the vinyl art edition (of 185) of this album at £60.00, which includes postage charges. Each contains a 8.26" x 8.26" (210mm x 210mm) full colour folded Art Print, individually brush-marked by Steven and numbered and signed by Steven and Graham.
Please email colinpotter@icrdistribution if you would like a copy.


Nurse With Wound  "Bar Maldoror"

A re-mastered re-issue of the classic Nurse album from 1991,  now including a second disc, a recording of a NWW concert in Ghent, 2007.

Rutsubo  "Zakuro" 

A limited edition (150) from Hitoshi Kojo and friends, of organic, droney trancemusic.
Beautifully packaged, with a hand made fabric cover & silk-screened card.

én - op. 80530 Remixes

A 12” LP  of remixes/reworkings (of 'én’s recent - op. 80530  CD) by  Andrew Liles, Jonathan Coleclough, Colin Potter, James Cargill and Sculpture.

Darren Tate "Secret Mantra"

irr. app. (ext.)
"Deflating An Imaginary Spleen, Almost In Public"

irr. app. (ext.) "Ustrojenstvozaginate"


irr. app. (ext.) "Tuberpendicular"


Other recent arrivals)

Colin Potter "Two Nights"

To commemorate a recent rare live performance in London, 20 copies of this LP were issued with a special signed & numbered label, coming with a free copy of his first CD release, ‘And Then’ – only £10.99!

Nurse With Wound and aranos "SIC"

Juppala Kaapio

'Alpen Ocean

Daniela Cascella:
'En Abime: Listening, Reading, Writing'
A fascinating new book by Daniela Cascella

Various Artists
(Paul Bradley ,Jonathan Coleclough ,Hitoshi Kojo and Colin Potter )
Water Mountain

(Paul Bradley & Colin Potter)
'The Final Question

Age & Transformation /
Aged & Transformed

No Longer Here

Darren Tate
'No Longer Here'
New album from Darren Tate
re-imagined by Colin Potter.





‘Encounters in the Republic of Heaven’ at theTete a Tete Festival at Kings Place, London, on August 7th and August 8th, 2014.
At a previous performance of this, your writer was absolutey amazed by the multi-channel diffusion of the sound, which has to be heard to be believed.
If you are able to attend, you are strongly urged to – it will be a remarkable experience. There will also be a substantial piece about Trevor in the next
edition of The Wire magazine, out on July 11th.


Integrated Circuit Records about discography colin potter ora monos darren tate gallery mailorder contact links